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Valuation and Consulting.


Point Value is focused on issues which affect business value:

  • Estimating the value add of a new initiative or operating unit.

  • Developing forecasts and scenarios as part of business planning.

  • Using simulation to test or validate changes to the business in order to accelerate learning and optimise value.

  • Putting some science into understanding business risk and the likelihood of positive or negative outcomes.

  • Independent valuation advice to assist with decisions concerning an acquisition or divestment.


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Valuation Multiples by industry sector

(30 April 2024 update)


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Creating value should be the aim for every business - whether it be for owners, shareholders, employees, stakeholders, the community, or a combination.

We want to take the mystery out of the valuation process and give every business the opportunity to understand and move towards increasing value.

We aim to be easy to work with, independent, but also empathetic.

We love data and analytics and seek to put that power within your hands by sharing knowledge and insights.


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Point Value is here to assist. You can send us a message via the contact form.

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