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Value Consulting

Value Consulting applies a value lens to key business planning questions, such as:

  • What is the value contribution of each business unit to the group?

  • Is each business earning above its cost of capital?

  • What hurdle rate should be set for domestic and international ventures?

  • What targets do we need to hit to earn out the expectations of our shareholders or investors.

  • Reviewing a new corporate venture or strategy to assess how much value it will create and the risks.

  • Developing and assessing Real Options which put a value on flexibility within capital projects.

Value Consulting can also consider associated issues, such as:

  • Executive Incentives.  Calibrating the threshold and stretch targets for executive incentive plans.

Modelling & Data Science

Large businesses and organisations deal with ever increasing and dynamic complexity. Decisions made now can involve large commitments of scarce capital and long term consequences. In such cases it's good to have access to a sophisticated toolbox which can look through the noise to surface the best ideas and test alternate approaches before committing to action:

  • Excel Modelling Building detailed corporate finance and valuation models to support finance and M&A decisions.

  • Data Visualisation Using interactive visualisations so you can really see the issues and explore solutions.

  • Simulation Test ideas in a virtual "wind tunnel" to refine plans and reduce risk before committing capital and time in the real world.

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis Making business plans more robust by considering the probability and correlation of key cash-flow assumptions.

Valuation Report

For business leaders who need an independent opinion and formal report on the value of a business unit, enterprise or option. 


The purpose may be for:

  • Financial reporting.

  • Planning for an exit, acquisition or restructure.

  • Transfer of ownership.

  • Formation of a joint venture.

  • Valuation of executive share options or performance rights.

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